Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blah blah blah

For Christmas this year my Dad and his girlfriend gave me one of those digital frames with three other still frames attached. I have been looking for time to pick out pictures and load up my new frame. Well, that is why my blog is now covered in old photos. I had such a great time looking through discs of pictures! After my mom passed, we created a slide show and that is what my pictures are from, the slide show from her memorial. It has been two years since I pulled them out. The last time I looked at them was when Aunt Eleanor sent us a Christmas ornament that was a pretty jeweled frame. I found an old picture of my mom decked out in a yellow "Golden Days" outfit (the kind of dresses ladies wore during the gold rush), big yellow hat and all, and I put it into the frame. Every Christmas, I find myself staring at that picture when I walk past the tree. I was looking for another picture of my mom to go into my new frame. I haven't decided on one yet, and have now decided we need a picture of Jays Dad to go into one of the other spots. So, that is another mission I will be on. I am afraid the frame won't get filled for another year at this rate.
Finding that perfect picture . . . that one that you never tire of seeing . . . that is my mission now.
Well, that and finishing the business taxes, getting the kids orthodontics done and paid for, getting to hockey on time, refinancing the house, laundry, getting to work on time, cleaning up the house, getting wood for the fire, tackling our debt . . . blah blah blah . . .

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