Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, today was sort of an exciting day. If anyone knows my husband Jay, then you know that luck doesn't exactly come his way - unless it is bad luck.
For example, in one single day, the dog snuck out of the garage as it was closing at -15 outside (the garage doors never did shut that morning), he almost fell off of the roof, dropped the 14 ft of stove pipe inside the house putting holes in the drywall, slipped on the back deck hurting his back, the pipes to the sink in the garage froze and broke spitting water all over the garage, and something broke on his jeep leaking all of the oil out all over the garage. He is lucky in that things are always able to be fixed, but only after A LOT of EXTRA effort. A sunny day doesn't exactly chase him around.
Well, through the grace of some of our extended hockey family - some luck has come Jay's way! While the warm weather was a nice break for our town, it brought ICY roads. We were worried about him driving 400 miles with Jason to a hockey tournament. We were able to get some last minute standby tickets for them at a price we could afford. Not only that, we safely made it into Fairbanks this morning while cars literally slid into the ditch right in front of us. They were able to get onto their flight with NO problems (while the flight after him left 2 hrs late!).
Now, Jay can pick the wrong line at the grocery store, leaving a parking garage and the toll booths, but today he got a taste of what it was like for things to go his way.

And I just heard the boys lost their game tonight . . . but on the plus side Jay said that Jason played well, used his defence, and his line got one of the two goals tonight. What more can I ask for? I love it when the boys can actually behave like a team. I think it shows growth and leadership when they realize they can't do it on their own.
So, here's to a touch of luck . . . for us all. I think Jay would agree that it is worth sharing!

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aldyce said...

Glad everyone made it there safe! Ice is the worst...we've had a lot of that lately..I had a smile on my face though as I read this entry, thinking, yep, that's my brother, alright