Sunday, January 11, 2009

Past Pics

Pictures of my Grandpa, H.E. Buzby on the top. Isn't he just the most adorable man ever?! He was the funniest person. We would go for dinners at his house after my grandma passed and he'd make pies that were called: "Rhubarb Surprise" or "Apple Surprise". We never knew what he hid in the pies and were always surprised to find things like prunes, dates, or whatever he could find to hide in there. He would just giggle and giggle when we'd find something GROSS in there but eat it anyway - because he made it.
The other picture is my mom and one of her brothers, Joe Buzby. For those of you that are around North Pole Elementary, that is Helen Mulvane's dad from the front office.


pattycakes said...

So Helen is kinda like your Aunt?

analaskanmom said...

My cousin. My Mom's brother's daughter.