Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mid January?

Already?  Geesh.  I can't believe how the time has flown.  I can't figure out why I haven't accomplished a bajillion and one things by now.  I don't even sit on this thing much.  I've got a to do list a mile and a half long, but don't I always?

I was tortured into downloading the newest Quickbooks.  As I tried to finish up Harvey business, the computer informed me my quickbooks I was using was just too old and it wouldn't open up ANYTHING I needed.  OH AWESOME.  So I had to purchase the update to close the business down.  For Crying Out Loud.

So now I am taking a minute while it all downloads and updates, there is a fire in my stove, dinner plans all laid out, oldest off to hockey, youngest done with his homework, daughter hanging out with me while we watch Lost Girl and she is doing her homework.

Kid Updates:
Caden <3   He is doing great in school after a NOT so great start back after Christmas break.  He seems to think being smart is good enough.  He didn't think he needed to be driven too.  We had a little talk though and I think he is beginning to understand.  He also got to attend open gym baseball with the high schoolers yesterday.  He didn't love it, because they were all so much older, but I'm sure he'll go back.

Carly <3   She is working hard all of the time in school, after school on homework, and at hockey.  She is really REALLY doing great playing defense on her hockey team.  It is getting pretty fun to watch her.  She has a tough time with her classes, but she never stops trying.  She was recently placed into a tutoring class at school instead of a "for fun" homeroom class.  It was very disappointing to her.  She also had a good friend tell her she was stupid and other tell her she smelled.  Both told her this in front of others.  Though they were kidding around, I'm sure of it, she is tired of it.  She is smart, it just not be the same way someone else is.

Jason <3   He is doing okay at school I think.  Sometimes I really just want to take his word for it and not get onto the computer to check up on him.  It is frustrating and stressful when I do it.  Hockey is going well.  His team finally won another game.  The news-miner decided it was classy to write a headline stating that they finally won after a 17-game losing streak.  How embarrassing in a town that already makes fun of North Pole's team.  He also got his pass port for his Canada trip to the Arctic Winter Games!  YAY!

Off to get back to work now.  Shhhhhh, don't bug me.

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