Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Day!

So, I've built a nice fire . . . dogs are just loving it.
Sofa is piled a mile high with laundry - not so bad if the kids would just put the clothes away after I wash and fold them.  And, I'd would also really appreciate it if they would bring the baskets back down full of the dirty, nasty stuff all over their floors for me to wash.
I have finally gotten all of the programs loaded into this computer to finish taxes and close things down.  I can't believe I had to download stuff.  Stupid program!  I feel duped.

Jason is, of course, behind in school again.  Seriously kid, take some pride in yourself!  FRUSTRATED!

Carly is working her buns off and pulled up one of her grades.  She is also having trouble with her "friends" and wanted out of school yesterday.  What did I do?  Picked her up.  I took her with me to do my errands and then we came home and watched On Demand while doing work and homework.  It was nice for her and for me to have her around for some one-on-one.

I've got a full day ahead of me with paperwork, workout, shower, laundry and HOCKEY!  Jason has been dealing with a sore shoulder and he has two games this week.  I've got to tell you, the games can be played without him, but they don't have a chance to win without him.  There just isn't enough talent on this team and they are playing a group of comp kids tonight.  Jason's team only has 4 comp kids and one is not fantastic.  I'm not bragging about my child - we have invested much time and money into his hockey education (that's right, I called it education) - and he knows the game better than those who did not have comp coaching.  He has been working this week and last week to be a play-maker during 5 on 5 and scorer during the PP.  Lets hope we get some pucks in the net tonight!

I'm off .  .  .  Have yourself a super day blog world!

PSS:  I always feel triumphant when I hit the spell check button and there are NO mistakes!  woo-hoo

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