Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a Mess!

I just know my house is a mess
I've been working all week 
no one has been around to vacuum and sweep
The corners are all nestled snug in their fur balls
Courtesy of Sister, the big yellow dog

The dishes are mounded on left and right
The inside of the sink just stinks

The bread has been left out
The edges are crunchy
Leaving a not-so-thin layer of dust on the top
of my counters

The carpets are all covered
from wall to wall
with sticks and pucks and even a ball

To lay down and relax
would strike an attack
with dog hair winning as you
succumb to the will of the fur

'Tis November you know
the fire's aglow
the wood chips are here and there
(and there and here)

The birch may blaze
but there is still a thick haze
of ice upon the door
(and locks, and windows, and corners . . .)

I long for the day
that I'm home to welcome the sun
the bus
the evening meal covering our table

For homework and snacks
dessert and The Middle
Not driving and ice fog
coffee and PB&J
Not rink nor court
just sofa and stove.

I don't have an end for my rant, just killin' time 'till I can leave the magnet school I've had the joy of subbing in.
I've got to leave here, run to the rink, drop off the door bucket, pick up Carly form basketball, take her home to change, visit Caden, find the family food, run Carly into hockey, run off to Jason's hockey game and then maybe, just maybe, spend a minute or two with my husband before the snoring begins.

Have a great evening!

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