Friday, November 11, 2011

My Gosh . . .

First, I want to thank my sister at Where the Ocean meets the Sand for giving me a blogging award.  I promise I will list it and get hopping on the steps.  Right now I just don't have the time and privacy I'd like in order to get it done.  Thanks Share!

Two of my kids have been sick.  Jason took off for his first high school away trip down to Soldotna, AK and got a cruddy cold.  Its been holding on for well over a week and has turning into quite an annoyance.  He is so tired I can't believe his grades are actually going up instead of down.  I swear that kids does nothing to attain the 2 C's, A's & B's. 

Carly has the cold as well and is missing about every other basketball & basketball practice or game.  She wants to try and give it her all, but now she has one bad ear infection and the other ear, though she doesn't feel it, is infected too.  She is home from school again today.  I was at work (it doesn't happen often) and she was calling me crying and sobbing because of the ear pain.  My only solution was a heating pad and Tylenol - totally forgetting my children DO NOT TAKE Tylenol - it SOOOOOO does nothing to help them.  Once I ran home and rushed her into First Care, I was reminded that only Motrin would ease her pain and then we got her some numbing ear drops and antibiotics. 

How, oh how does that girl always take a turn for the worse?  I cleaned her room (knowing that it always makes her more sick to surround herself with dust and clutter) and set up a little menthol station.  Tonight we will add cool mist.  She slept through the night!!!  I haven't talked to her yet today, as I am at work again - but Daddy is home with her so I know she is just fine and well babied!

Caden has escaped the virus to now.  He is so lucky. We just have to get the rest of the house healthy and hope they stay that way.

Now I'm off to read to some lunch kids in the library.  Should be interesting with a side of total frustration.

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