Monday, October 17, 2011

What a weekend. Whew.

The team had two final games, Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Saturday night they had an off game and the North Stars tied our Lions.  We spent the 2nd and 3rd periods in the penalty box from some less than acceptable calls and the NS seemed like they were continually on the power play.  Jason, of course, was one of those bodies filling our box.  He's got such mouth on him out there - I don't think its a bad thing - he usually picks one player to piss-off and then they go at each other and they both end up in the box.
Sunday morning what a joke.  He and some other players got ready and then they listen to their headphones to prep and get psyched for their game.  If there is something you should know about Jason, its that he is a wasp out there on the ice.  He zips around at full speed 99% of the time.  He hits hard and hustles.  He puts his whole heart into his play.  His rituals are important to him.  He was told by the asst capt to take off his headphones.  He did not do it.  He (and several other players) did not see the reason as long as he was sitting quietly not disrupting anyone else.  Then another player took his headphones and choice words were exchanged.  So then they ran to coach and played tattle-tale.  He was told to take his gear off so he did.  Then he was told to put it on.  So he did, but not before he said, "make up your mind."  He was benched for the first period of the game.  Super Lame!
He is so entertaining to watch and brings fire to the team with his energy.  There isn't anyone who has as much energy on the ice, no one with as much stamina.
I sound like a mom, I know.  But its true.  Coaches have been saying it for years.
Well, he went in 2nd period and lit up the ice.  He headed in for a legal check and the kid saw him coming and lifted his elbow, stick butt and all.  The butt of the stick landed right on Jason's Adam's apple.  
Jase went down, out of breath and shocked.  His face got smashed into the ice and the face mask shifted and dug into his neck and chin.
He finally got off of the ice when he could catch his breath.  We didn't think much of it until the coach and team manager started flipping out.  If I didn't take him to the ER they were calling 911.  Jason didn't want to go, but the panic around him made him panic.  
Not to say he wasn't in severe pain and discomfort, he definitely was.
We took off across the street to the ER (strategically placed I'm sure).  
They needed to give him morphine to calm him down.  They iced it, did a CT scan to make sure nothing crushed, and then shot him up with morphine again and sent us home.
He can't swallow well yet and is on day two of liquids.  I think he will be pretty fatigued for high school hockey tryouts tonight, not to mention he is scared out of his mind of getting hit or bumped wrong.
His neck is so sore, especially his throat.  
I know he is fine and that is great. I do feel bad that he has pain, but I know it will be gone soon.  They figure 6 days tops.  But he has no restrictions.
I hope he has it in him to put his heart and soul into tonight's tryout.
Jason after his first injection, getting ready for a CT scan
Sort of a picture of his neck and chin.  It didn't come out too well.  The swelling isn't as visible as it is from the front. 
Some of his teammates and friends came to visit.  To his left is his friend Cam.  They play both hockey and baseball together.  They have proven time and again that they are true friends to one another.  We're so grateful to this kid!

BUT that wasn't even everything!

During dinner, we learned that Jay's 87 yr old grandpop was missing in Warminster, PA.  He went out for a bike ride to the park but never made it back home.  There was a 8 or so hour search and he was finally found outside of a church in the opposite direction of the park.  He is doing fine, but everyone was so worried because he has dementia and diabetes.  He refused to go to the hospital and just wanted to go home for some oatmeal.  We got very little sleep waiting for out long distance up dates.  It was one of those sleeping with one eye open nights, always listening for the phone.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had quiet the day yesterday- I do hope it get's better . I am sure Jason will mend but I hope he is up for tryouts- stinks it happened so close to those. Good luck!

Melanie said...

That is a full day to say the least! I hope it gets better as well as Jason heals up quickly! How scary!