Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whatever Wednesday Blog Hop


So, I've hopped into this blog hop today.  I am NOT good at these. I hope you take some time to check out older posts - Occasionally I'm funny, sometimes serious.  I appreciate my children and my houseful of chaos and love.  I'm busy, I'm a hockey/baseball/softball mom.  My 9 yr old has an amazing mind like a sponge and recently learned all there is to know about the Boreal Owl.  My daughter is a handful of frustration and love.  My oldest is a competitive little beast with a big heart whose feet seem to be growing on a daily basis.  My husband is incredible and a true hero to the people on his mail route.  I'm so proud to be his wife.  We are getting older every day but think we're still 25 (okay, I think I'm 14).  I love to hear from my sister in Idaho, I spend as much time with my Dad as I can, my brother is a plethora of knowledge about food and beer, and my porch is an Alaskan bus stop.  I forget to turn off the Disney Channel after the kids go to school (how old is London anyway?)  I bake as often as I can and ALWAYS burn the last batch of cookies.  Its what I do.  Oh, and I love to read (and that kind of goes back to the "think I'm 14" thing).  My laundry is miles high and my floor needs a vacuuming.  My dishes are in mounds and the bathrooms are sub-par today.  (My to-do list is growing as I type!)  And I'm cold, so starting a fire has moved to the tip top of the list.  Then dishes and trash I suppose - and so on.  I've got two days left with my oldest before he is off on another hockey trip, so I'm sure this evening (after practice) will be full of catch up homework - and crud - I forgot to remind him to get his grades from his teachers.  I'm the mom that texts her kids during class with reminders.
Oh, and we are babysitting tonight.  Should be an adventure.  I'll be down 2 kids and picking up 3. 

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