Friday, October 7, 2011

Foto Friday

This week I didn't take any pictures in preparation for today.  I jaunted over to my Shutterfly account and grabbed some older pictures of Caden.  He has always been the adorable, gonna-make-you-smile boy!  Enjoy!

My Dart Boy
Playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

My Dryer Boy (a favorite hide-out of his when we lived in our 50 yr old cabin).

My Garden Boy
This was take when we lived in the cabin.  My grandparents always had a huge garden out back.  When we moved in, we gave it a try as well.  To this day, Caden is a huge help in the garden.  His favorite thing?  Digging potatoes and pulling carrots.

My Phillies Boy
This picture was in 2004 I think.  
We headed back east and caught a very rainy Phillies game. Caden was a trooper - he slept through most of the game and rain.  He was such a go-with-the-flow baby.

So I was up at 5 today to make Jason some tasty Pizzelle treats before he heads out a comp hockey trip to Anchorage.  He has 3 or 4 games this weekend.  He hasn't been feeling well, but he wanted to go anyway.  He is usually at school right now, but its weird how I miss him anyway.  I guess it's just knowing he is on a bus in the middle of Alaska and going to be gone until Sunday night.  Knowing he will be playing hockey games and I won't be able to see them.  Who knows.  Maybe its knowing that there are team mates who are less than desirable in character (that's a whole other post).
Tonight, I plan on doing Carly's finger nails.  That is my goal. I hope she has enough free time for it.  Probably not.
I think we may be cutting wood also to get ready for winter - maybe.  The big boys were going to help do that (so I'll have to get gas for the chainsaws) - but I know there is an Ice Dogs hockey game tonight and John has plans to run video for them.  I don't know what that means.  I hope they pay him though.

And - we got our PFD's from the State of Alaska.  Such a controversial subject.  How do you spend a free $1000.00?  I bought a car with mine.  The kids will get a tad bit of theirs to do as they please - otherwise, the cabinets of groceries will have to appease them.  And the checks I write to their hockey.  And the shoes I have to buy because their feet are endlessly growing.  Jason's feet grew 4 sizes in a year.  1/2 of a size in the last 2 months.  Carly is just growing into mine - easy there.  Caden doesn't complain.  He loves his shoes and he never wants to upgrade.  To him, they just get more comfortable.  Sometimes he will have grown almost 2 sizes before it is a problem for him.
Jay, once again, is dedicating his money to our family bills.  Money will go towards the CC that we paid for our plane tickets to Mexico with (we are going in May with the kids!!!)  We also need to get the kiddies their passports.  MORE MONEY. 
Boy do I need a job.  
Normally, I do some Christmas shopping with our money.  This year we are practicing minimalism.  :)  We won't be good at it.

Someday, I will have a job with my own money to do something wonderful for my husband and children,

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