Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome to Hockey Hell . . . ALREADY?

BUT FIRST . . . 
My sister posted a fantastic picture for Wordless Wednesday on her blog.  Check it out.  She takes great pictures and tried her hand at photo editing for this shot.  It is so great.
My Sister's Wordless Wednesday

I'm too wordy for Wordless Wednesday.  I'm thinking all of the time - most always positive and happy.  Last night I kind of ranted and raved though.  Jason's hockey team had their first scrimmage.

Yes, I'm going to talk comp hockey.  Get used to it.  Hockey is an 8 month sport at least!

So, he practiced with his line this weekend and week.  He was so happy, they were doing well.  It consisted of three kids known in the past for their ability to hustle down the ice and battle.  3/4 through the scrimmage, one of his line mates was traded.  Jason moved from center to wing - but he and the new line mate kept bumpin' into each other, as they play the same position normally.  It was a disaster and he was instantly down on himself and disappointed that he was no longer able to be the guy putting on the pressure.  He ended up spending a lot of time covering the defense that just couldn't remember to cover the net.

This all came out in a conversation on the way home - it isn't my perception.

Its just the beginning of the season, and I know that each day holds something knew for these kids and each game will provide new opportunities.   He's just got to hold on and keep pushing himself.

So, then they handed out new jerseys.  I didn't order Jason one because it is basically a two month season and then time off for high school hockey season, then they pick back up in February.  I didn't feel like spending a couple hundred dollars on new jerseys that I would have to replace next season.  Jason grew 4-5 inches this since May.  The next couple months are going to be much the same.  Why on Earth would I spend that money on a new set of jerseys when he'll only be able to wear it a year?

Not only that, but the team requires a warm-up suit, special order and embroidered.  We had to by dry-land clothes, special order and embroidered.  We had to buy a polo, again, special order and embroidered.  On top of that, dress pants and shoes.  Seriously?  They're 14 and not professional.  They may be Tier 1, but good Lord.  I know hockey is expensive, but adding all of that ridiculous clothing is just stupid.  So, I was really pissed before I got home.

Besides that and having to listen to Jason whine, parents were already talking about next season.  Next season is the year it gets really serious in our town.  You don't want to be the kid left behind on the tier II.  So far, these kids have had 4 different coaches in 4 years.  Next year, the ones that don't make tier I may end up with another coach.  The last thing these kids need to worry about 4 days before their first trip is making next year's team.

So, I'm frustrated for my child and THAT is my downfall.  I get very passionate about their dilemmas.  To write about Carly would take me another 45 minutes.


Share said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love the fall look for your blog too! Bring out those fundraisers for the clothes and gear and trips! Woo Hoo!! said...

Its crazy hard to fundraise at this age level because he is always in school or at hockey. UGH!

I need go go to the class so I can serve alcohol!

Brave Ski Mom said...

Been there right with you. But we still love hockey! Reviewed your site for Alexa as part of MBS Blog Hop weekend!