Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Friday

Had a great time taking pics the last couple days for today's post.  Nothing special, just things to share with a story or two.
The Antique Books Shelf on my wall.  I've seen them all over the Internet and really wanted one for my books.
1) 365 Bedtime Stories - given to my mom in 1950
2) Home School of Elocution -given to my Great Grandmother in 1899
3) The Practical Outline of Elementary School Subjects for Home Study -from 1942, back when sentences were labeled  "loose, balanced, or periodic"
4) Practical House Painter purchased by my Grandfather in 1924 in Tillamook, Oregon.  This book includes fonts for sign painting!

Carly and Jase keeping warm under my birthday gift in the drizzle while they wait for the bus. 

The following are pictures taken during a rare moment when my younger two were getting along!  They were yucking it up for 1/2 hour, trying to get out of going to bed.  I played along because these moments are fewer and far between.  It was a great time and a great memory.  Something to remember, they are only 20 months apart in age.

What did you make for lunch today?  Carly took the following with her, including my Vera Bradly lunch bag that my sis gave me years ago.  I'll take it back when I start working - but for now I'll share!

Her alternate lunch box.  An old belt threaded threw the juice box  holes
 and the end of the box held clothes with some ric-rac.
She really does use this! Her friends have even asked for some.
I also sent Jason off this morning on a hockey trip.  He is going to Anchorage with his Bantam Tier I hockey team for a series of games.  I regret not getting a picture before he left.  He had on this red team polo, khaki pants, and black leather loafers.  It was tough to get him shoes without him being with me, so I kept sending him pictures at school.  Eventually, I bought the ones I liked and the ones my husband liked - we figured Jason could decided from there (he left the house in the ones I picked out hehehe).
Jay's choice top left, my choice bottom right.
I Payless special shopped for my growing son.  He'll use them for HS hockey too until he
grows out of them (in two months).


Pam said...

Left you your first alexa review! yay!
Great blog, funny stuff, cute kids.
I am following you as well!

Brenda H said...

That bookshelf is awesome! It sounds like the shelf is full of love!

Dvr Dame said...

Cute blog! Just passing by from MBS blog hop.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog - and your Vera lunch bag! Your daughters alternate lunch box made me giggle. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Oh sorry, that last comment was mine...not sure why my info didn't post. Hope you stop by my blog sometime!

Share said...

Love it! It's gonna look great when we get the picture up there!