Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ssshhhhhh . . . I'm hiding the computer.

On Sunday...
  Is your home like mine on Sunday?
     "How do you miss that bleeeeeeeeping pass?"
     "If I were rich, I'd throw this bleeeeeeeeeeping beer bottle at the TV."
     "Are you bleeeeeeeeping kidding me?"
     "Will the Football Gods shine down on Philadelphia and give us this win?"  (They didn't)

So, on the other windows of this computer were numerous Fantasy Football sites, awaiting viewing.  So, I tried my hardest to monopolize the computer, acting soooooooooo busy.  It actually lasted quite a while. I was working my way through the Alexa Blog Hop as J grumbled over his beloved Eagles.

So, blog hopping.  Not sure if its for me.  I haven't decided.  This hop included reviews.  I think that may be what I'm not into.  Reviewing someones site.  I mean, who am I to tell people how to be creative?  I graduated college with a literature degree and was actually told by a TA (not even a professor), that my take on many classic American short stories weren't right.   That, of course made me very determined (and pi@@ed) and also taught me that no one should be judged on their opinions.  That may have been the moment I decided I wanted to teach English.  (Yeah. Yeah.  I know I'm not doing that yet -)

Hope you all had a great Football weekend - Enjoyed the leap into Autumn - And opened your eyes to new things.

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Coley said...

That football part made me crack up!