Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Sports Wrap Up

I'm not too sure that we are ready for summer to end and school to begin. Most of us up here didn't have much of a summer with all of the chilly weather and rain. I was lucky enough to enjoy the Minnesota heat (Thank You Mother Nature!).
Baseball and softball were great. Caden made it into the cross-overs in his 9-10 league. He learned a lot and came a long way since the beginning of the season.
Jason's rec team won their tournament while he was away. His comp Pony team won the state tournament also. He may not have hit the ball as well as he would have liked, but he played an incredible outfield, as always. In the final game, we had already won two out of the three, the coaches played some of the younger players that didn't get much playing time in the first two games. We were losing and the coaches brought back in his 14 yr olds to play in their last game ever as a North Star. He ended up making a great diving catch for a foul ball and then made a great reach across catch and threw to second for a double play. He left with MVP for the game and a game ball. He had a great summer and grew quite a bit also.
Carly's 10U softball team was, well, pretty sucky all season with very little instruction. They lost their first playoff game but because it was double elimination they played again the next morning. They won that and played again. Won that and played Delta. Won that and played the team they lost against the night before. Won that and played the undefeated team. Won that, and because of the double elimination, played again. They tied that and then went two extra innings. Finally, we pulled out some sneaky moves by walking big hitters and striking out the easy ones and her team won the game! Holy cow what a long day. A really, really long day. Carly did a great job. When she played first she got a bunch of outs. Hitting, she hit the ball every time she was up to bat except those times she was walked (only twice all day). She impressed us all and proved she does not crack under pressure. She was the first at bat in the extra innings . . . no big deal . . . gave it a hard, solid smack right past 2nd base.
Now hockey season is about to begin. It looks like a very expensive season and we are not looking forward to it. Jason begins high school, and depending on the coaches, we will decide where he will attend high school. We always said he'd stay in NP to go to school. It is looking like he may attend, gasp, Lathrop though if NP doesn't hire a good coach. He is also on the comp hockey team again for his age group. There were 17 kids trying out and the coach put 18 on the team. HOW can you create a good team without enough kids? He even took someone with a hernia hoping he'll play after its better. Seriously. What a mess. More to report on this later I'm sure.
Carly's tryouts do not begin until the end of the month. That gives her time to get settled into middle school, thankfully.
Time to wrap it up and make sure dinner is warm for the J's. They should be home soon.

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Share said...

Responding a little late, sorry. Hope NP hires a good coach and Jase can stay there! My congrats to all 3 kids for such great jobs this summer!
Love to all!