Saturday, August 20, 2011

SCHOOL 2011-2012

Class of 2020!
Caden began the 4th grade this year. I gave him one extra day of summer, and he stayed home the first day of school due to stomach cramps. I don't know what was wrong, it lasted two days, but by Friday, he was up bright and early and ready to go to school. His teacher is very nice and he was excited that he was so smart. He truly loves being smart. Its so funny to listen to him have conversations, even when they are with himself, because he uses words that most people do not use in everyday language. He is also very excited to be in student council again. Here's to my little member of the Class of 2020! May he have an incredible year of school and start his journey towards becoming the President of the United States! (He says it all of the time)

Class of 2018!
Okay, this is NOT a picture from the first day of school. She looked cute that day, of course, but she was very excited on the second day. She had on adorable jeans we grabbed from eBay and a sweatshirt Jason and I bargain shopped for at an outlet mall in MN. I gave her a choice of school shoes and when it came down to it, besides the green chucks Jason and I also picked out for her (at the AWESOME Converse outlet), she chose some Adidas sandals. I loved her casual look for the 6th grade and her first week of middle school. She is happy with her team, the kids her locker is near, the friends she eats lunch with and has gym with, the new friends in her home-ec. We organized her folders, labeled everything to help her out, and bought her a student planner. One teacher sent home a questionnaire where the student had to write about her weaknesses and struggles. Carly liked this because she could tell the teacher about her struggles with reading and remembering. So proud of my 11 year old!
Class of 2015!
My high school freshman. He wouldn't even sit for a decent picture. Geesh. He didn't want to take a backpack, but had to because he needed to take gym clothes, notebooks, and a binder with him. When he got home, he had a little to complain about. Mostly about the English teacher. He wanted our cousin as a teacher, but it didn't happen. I will head in on Monday and try and switch his schedule around. I packed the kiddos lunches, but Jason decided to take the extra 5$ I had given him for more food and he headed out to Taco Bell with a new driver. I am VERY upset about it and I know he knows this inside, but I also know he will try to get away with something like this again. I have decided NOT to give him lunch money again and then there will be no need for him to leave campus. As a freshman, he does not need to leave until 2nd semester. He certainly doesn't need to leave without me knowing ahead of time. This year will be full of struggles and pain. He will have a lot of decisions to make this year that will come out of know where. He will make mistakes without knowing they were mistakes and he will make them knowingly. I will be there and love him through it all.

My Quote of the Year: I've never had a 14 year old son before.


Amanda said...

I love the Quote- I may change it a 15 year old- since Hunter turns 15 only 3 weeks after school starts. Not looking forward to the unexpected mistakes- but I am sure they will come.

Share said...

I'll never forget when you told me tht very same thing (re: the quote). Love the pics and that the kids have such individual styles! Here's to a great year ahead!