Sunday, July 10, 2011

Out and About

Why Lookie! It's Paul Bunyan and his trusty companion Babe!

I found these flowers while Jason and I were playing basketball outside of one of my Aunt's only sheds. They looked perfectly charming in front of the wheelbarrow!

The morning we left my Aunt's, the wind was picking up and I was able to catch a picture of their flag through the porch posts waving at us.

More of my Aunt's flowers. This one intertwined in with an iron decoration she has sitting there.

The lake at the hockey camp I dropped Jason off at. I hung out long enough to make sure he was checked in and made his bed. He said he had a great night at the rink, he scored two goals! I can't wait to hear more about his adventures 3000 miles away from home with no parents.

This is the building Jason will call home for the next two weeks.

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