Monday, July 11, 2011

Day One

Here are two photos I took today and edited on my iPhone with Be Funky. I look at something - imagine what it could look like - then edit it to be the photo in my mind. I'm having a great time doing that, but I wish I could now take some of these black and whites and color just one or two
pieces inside. I have an app for that, but I don't like it very much.

So I went for a walk today and went to a gift shop. It is like If Only at home in Fairbanks with a little Country Kitchen thrown in. I picked up some little things for the kids. I will go back and maybe get Christmas gifts even. It is so much cheaper than up in Fairbanks.

That is about all I did except talk to my Dad and husband, watched some HGTV, picked up groceries, and made dinner. I only spent 30$ on fresh veggies for dinner all week. Again, MUCH cheaper than Fairbanks.

Oh, I also watched Jason do dry land at his camp. There is a live feed that you can see through their blog link or Twitter. It was interesting. Tons of jumping.

Now, I am tired. I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the Post Office.

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