Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Three

Today I slept too late. Didn't even wake until 10am. What is weird is that I remember waking up and seeing the clock say 8:50 and being excited to wake up. Uh - Yeah, that didn't work out. And then this am, I felt like I was up forever, but then fell back asleep again. I don't know what I'll do when I get back home. At least I'll be up at 7.

I managed a workout, but I sucked at it. This diet I'm on is just weakening my muscles and I can't do what I could 15 pounds ago. But I'm giving it a shot. I will stick with it. I love my mind that way. I stick with things once I make the decision.

I went for a walk to the park around the corner yesterday and then decided that I would just roam around. I ran into some nice things to take pictures of. I went to St. Marks Cathedral and it was just beautiful. It a lot of inlaid work and nice gardens. It's steeple was amazing and I just set my eye on it and walked that way. After that, I walked Selby Ave and took pictures of all of the houses with flags out front. There were definitely more there than anywhere else I've been.

Once my friend Molly got home from work, we headed out to Lake Harriet and took a nice long walk there. The houses around the lake were amazing. Some were totally dated and retro, but others were like large gingerbread houses. Loved them!

I think I walked a total of at least 3 hours. Boy I really need to firm up this body. losing weight without a workout always leaves unwanted flesh. But on the plus side, I wore shorts. I don't know when I did that last.


Share said...

Jealous! Wish I could be there & wander around with you. said...

Yes, that would be nice.