Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Nine

Another day down. I managed laundry and getting out to a mall to roam around and look. I found many things I would have wanted to try on if I had money pouring out of my pockets.

I don't.

I looked around for things for Carly, but she is growing into a young woman and does not need loud and crazy shirts or shirts with puppies on them. I was able to find a "thank you" gift for her because she has been taking care of the house, food, and laundry.

I buzzed back to Molly's in time to make up some dinner and get ready for a movie. We took off to see Bridesmaids. Very Funny and enjoyable. It was a nice night. It was a nice day too. Tomorrow is sure to lead me on another small adventure. And I will be braving downtown so I can enjoy some of the torchlight activities in the treacherous heat. I have a sun dress that will come in handy.

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