Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Eight

Boy was it hot. Over 100*. I do not think it was that hot right here, but it was hot. I wore a bikini top and sun dress. I was able to lay out a bit and then took a walk. I just sort of roam around the streets and ended up at Patina to search for Christmas gifts. I feel good getting a few of the gifts out of the way. And they are pretty cool. I like it when I can see something different and know it will be perfect for someone. I wish I had so much money because I have seen so many things I would love for people. I even found a fabulous handbag that I would love to have, but I will NOT spend 150$ on one handbag for me.

Patina is a charming corner shop full of many gifts ideas from gag gifts to baby items to jewelry. There is also a lot of kitchen gadgets. It has a little of everything and is worth a stop.

I also spent some time making great steak bites. I cooked them exactly the way I like them with great seasoning. I can't wait to be at home and have a great steak cooked by Jay on the grill. Now he is amazing and picking just the right cut and cooking it to perfection all for an amazing price. That will be great.

I talked to the kids several times. Carly was busy cleaning, doing laundry, and making dinner. WOW! I actually had to get Caden on the phone and lecture him about respecting his sister and all of the hard work she is doing. She's only 11 and helping to run a household daily.

I also heard her softball team did well in their scrimmage. She caught a ball to get an out, tagged someone out, and got two hits. What a girl!

Caden, now this is funny, went through his Christmas gifts today. Yep, they'd been sitting in a corner in his room. He found his camp stove from Grandpa and decided he would have to cook out and camp out. Yeah, I'm sure that didn't happen. Poor guy. I wish someone had the time to do the things HE enjoys with him. I'm not a camper, but when I get home WE ARE going fishing. He deserves that.

I need to continue my job hunt. I can sub, which is a great backup, but I'd like to secure a full time position somewhere. It sure is scary reading job descriptions wondering if I can do it. I know I can, but its pretty stressful to think about. I spent quite a while searching on line today, but all of the different job search engines are confusing. I am sick of registering at all of them and then getting steered in the complete wrong direction. FRUSTRATING

I also get frustrated at the thought of making 11 or 12 dollars an hour. I make almost 17 subbing and made $17.50 doing payroll. My payroll knowledge is worth the money as is my subbing. But that is where the worry comes in for all of the other jobs I see.

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