Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Eleven

Winona Bound

It was a great day to drive to Winona and Pickwick. I loved driving down there in the sun.
I put on a sundress, loaded some stuff up in my little Ford, and headed out through the corn fields and and down the Mississippi River.

The first thing I did was go up Garvin Heights and took pictures of Winona from up there and then took some very nice pictures of an adorable path that lead back down the bluff.

After that I worked very hard to get out to Pickwick where my dad grew up. The normal road I would take was closed and the next one down the road was under construction. I was able to go down it with a pilot car. Then, as I went down the road through the valley, that road was tore up too. It was a mess, but such a joy riding through the valley of farms.

I went to my grandparents house that is now occupied by my uncle and his family. It wasn't the beautiful home I remember, and I'm sure that my dad wouldn't love seeing it like that.

After that I went to The Mill and toured around. I also got to look through old scrap books.
It was very enjoyable. From there I hit the grocery store and then off to find my aunt's house. I had a very great visit with Aunt Eileen and we headed over to Aunt Kathrine's house.

I headed back to St. Paul about 9 or so and didn't pull in until 11:30ish.

All in all, a really wonderful day!

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