Monday, June 13, 2011

My Mazatlan

You've got less than 2 1/2 minutes to capture the sunset once it hits the horizon.
A panoramic view from my 3rd floor balcony. We slept with the doors open and listened to the ocean all night and birds in the early morning hours. It made it difficult to sleep in, but who would want to here?
A panoramic view from the entrance of our resort. (Love my panoramic setting)
Girl's Day.
Just hanging on the beach with the girls reading and napping.
A moment of peaceful luxury with no responsibilities except NOT BURNING to a crisp.
These tiny crabs littered the beach on my morning walk. With every step I took they scooted across the sand from one hole to another.
This picture was for Caden. I knew he'd like it the moment he saw it.
"It looks like the moon here."
My black-n-white of the sunset.
A sunset is amazing no matter what setting you use.
The entrance of the resort had several caged peacocks. I like this one more than the one showing off his feathers.

Ah, Mazatlan
Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort
In a land of dust and desert, we found paradise.
One short week was plenty long enough to relax and realize multi-tasking is not all its cracked up to be. I realized, some things can wait. I don't have to accomplish 200 things in 14 minutes. I can take the time to have a cup of coffee, put away my OWN laundry, do the little things that I always try to do WHILE I'm trying to do something else.
My mid-years resolution - cut down on the mulit-tasking - play tag, ride a bike to get the mail (it isn't so important I need to go down there with my car in a hurry), walk from field to field at baseball (what's the rush?).
All-in-all, remember what makes me happy and behave accordingly.
Thinking back to my Dad's ultra clean shop my whole life . . .
It's because he took the time to do one important thing at a time.
Great Life Lesson. Thanks Dad and Mazatlan!

We will be going back next year with the kids. Hopefully we'll get a room near the kid's pool so they can spend every day swimming and enjoying the atmosphere. The undertow was awful, so we probably won't let them swim in the ocean, but they may not want to with such great pools. We also noticed a water park just minutes from the resort. I'm sure we will hit that once or twice. We would never take the time to have a vacation if we hadn't bought a timeshare. Sounds totally nerdy, but I sure am grateful for it.
So, looking for a super place to go after the craziness of the school year, hockey, work and winter? Try Emerald Bay.

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