Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love'n Takin' Pictures!

This picture didn't necessarily need editing, but I was going for a particular effect. I didn't accomplish it even though I layered editing upon editing. I really wanted my stones and blue bells to pop but couldn't do it. I settled for a greenish blend that seemed to camouflage it all, making it appear the blue bells have sought solace in the safety of the concrete stone wall.
I found these buckets walking through the woods by my parent's house. They were outside the site where our root cellar once stood. I use one of those bottom buckets at my house when I harvest potatoes.

This is the side of my Dad's garage. I loved seeing the snow shoes hanging with the summer garden supplies. THEN I noticed the bird's nest. I absolutely love how the hose has deteriorated. The app I used whitened the highly deteriorated spots.
This mailbox is lying on the roadside near our home. The home is for sale, and seems to be all of the time. Like the home, the mailbox seems to have been forgotten.

It is just getting better with my iPhone camera and editing apps! I wish it were this easy on my computer . . . but I'm not quite there yet.

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