Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winding down to get wound up. . .

Today I managed to hit softball sign-ups for Carly and then run her over to her hockey banquet. Caden was tagging along with us so Jay and Jason could go to the North Star Pony Baseball tryouts for the the 13-14 tournament team.

Carly did very well at her assessments. I didn't know she could catch that well. It was nice to see her concentrating and listening. She was hitting soft toss and learning pitching techniques too.
She is on the age fence between the 12U and 10U teams. Mentally, she really should be with the 12U's so that is what they put her down as. We'll see how that works out and hope that the North Pole team they put together works out for her.

Jason made his travel team. No matter what, he always can't wait to hear that he made it. Even if he is very confident after his try-out, he still needs to hear the words.

Then we headed to Denny's for dinner. It was pretty crappy and even crappier service. Oh well. The waiter was quite a moron and I'm pretty sure he was speeding on something. He was a nut case - no straws, icky forks, no napkins, not enough utensils, wrong drink, forgot the dressing and Carly's pancakes. Wasn't mad though. Why bother. We made the choice to go there.

Well, have a happy week!

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Share said...

I love Denny's for one reason only - you always know what you are going to get! You're going to start the meal off with a dirty table and not enough utensils, you might get clean glasses if you are really lucky & have connections with the kitchen staff, the service will be substandard because, well, let's face it, they are no happier to be there than you are! The food will be tolerable, but not great. And the drunks (no matter what time of day you go) will be loud and obnoxious!
I always go in with this in mind, then if it's not that bad I am pretty freakin' happy!