Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baseball = Summer!

Fairbanks has completed their rec team baseball assessments. Jason and Caden have been assigned teams (though we don't know which ones they are yet). Today, Carly goes out for her softball assessments. Should be interesting. She hasn't played the the sport since T-ball but really wants to give it a try. We didn't discourage her. She took on a hockey season, learned, improved, and showed everyone that she could do it and now its time to try softball.

Jason has been going to the high school practices with Jay while he coaches the outfield. Its been good for him and is making him excited for the season to start. Today he is going to try out for the 13-14 Pony travel team. Jay will be coaching that too, but as in the past, it doesn't mean Jason will make the team. He didn't play on last fall's team and went to hockey tryouts instead. This year, Jay and I will be in Mexico during the spring Pony tournament so we will miss watching Jason play with his travel team and he will be in Minnesota during the end of the baseball season and may miss that travel tournament for hockey again.

Yesterday, North Pole HS had their season opener and beat Lathrop 5-4. I only got to watch the first inning but really enjoyed it. I look forward to the games the rest of the month. Yes, that is how short our high school season is.

Baseball has been on our television and on Jay's iPhone. It is slowly taking the place of hockey around here. I look forward to catching some games and sitting in the sun (or mosquito filled rain).

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