Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween Pictures

TPT Dad and MC Hammer
The Mad Hatter takes a shot
TPT Dad takes his shot
Lil' Tigger looking under a bush
The Mad Hatter
TPT Mom and Alice in Wonderland
The TPT of North Pole
American Soldier
Alice Cullen


Patty said...

Love your costumes!

Share said...

Love Love Love the costumes!!!! I can't figure out who is dressed as the Mad Hatter though! It's killin me! You look great! No wonder the kids were embarrassed!

becky said...

Share, that was Phil.
Making Caden's costume was so much fun and a total family effort. Jay had the idea of a burlap sack with a hood - I picked out the fabrics - I cut, Jay tore - I hot glued. Caden was embarrassed until people began to comment on how cool it was - then he'd "go bush" every chance he got. - crumple up on the ground - it was too funny - and a great time.

I've had comments from people not knowing Carly's age - thinking she was much older than she is. She definitely has that skinny, nohip, little girl body though. Lucky Girl!