Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Another Halloween

Halloween was so crazy busy. I really tried to make sure all of the kids (big and small) got to what they wanted. You know what? I managed it! We began Friday night and Caden had a sleep over. First was Jason's hockey game. A 2-0 loss against Matsu. He and his buddy created several version of a haunted house in his bedroom that consisted of floating pumpkins, a video game playing by itself, and many other levitating objects. They were so clever and entertaining. During this time, Jay and I completed Caden's costume, a homemade guilly suit. It turned out fantastic if I do say so myself. Then, the boys crashed on the living room floor and I woke them up bright and early Saturday. We had to get his buddy home and then get Jason into the Carlson Center for a hockey game - and they got slaughtered - it wasn't pretty, just pretty ugly.

After the game, Carly had practice, we had to clean Johns room and get his laundry done before he came back into town and then we had to prepare the rest of the costumes. Laundry, etc. Then Jay ran Jason to a halloween party while I got Carly's hair dyed black and got her all made up as Alice Cullen from the Twilight series. Then Jay and Caden got ready - we headed out to drop Jay off at a party while I ran to the high school carnival with the kids.

Caden kept converting to a bush - it was a riot. They were a big hit, Carly a striking beauty and Caden a soldier in a guilly suit. Then it was off to the grocery store, but not before I put on my costume in the car. Caden was so embarrassed, he walked about 10 feet behind me at the store.

Then off to J & Chris's Halloween Party with good friends. At 10pm though, I was so ready to go to bed. So were the kids. I picked up Jason from his party, dropped him off with his dad and the little ones and I headed home to bed. Sweet, sweet bed.

And today - Halloween! Lots of house cleaning and some cooking. A trip to the grocery store. And then prepped the Carly for a party while Caden went sledding. My friend Patty picked up John from the airport which really helped a lot since Carly had to be somewhere at the same time. She had a good time at her party where she decorated a pumpkin in true Carly fashion and she brought home a lot of goodies.

We squeezed in a little nap and then it was off for trick-or-treating while Jason watched Ghost Hunters Live and handed out candy. We drove around to see Grandpa and Miss Theresa, Uncle Joe & Aunt Lori, Phil & Haanah, and then hit two neighborhoods. The kids, of course, got too much. But they are good sharers.

So, Happy Halloween to all and we hope you all had a fabulously busy weekend stuffed full of good friends, good costumes, laughs, and good food.

Jason as one of the Hansen brothers from Slap Shot
The final product by Caden
Fun with pumpkin guts
The intense carving process.

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Patty said...

Great Pumpkin.

Loved Jason's outfit.

And anytime your in a bind, just ask...I usually have to get Jared anyways, so can always help you and John out at the same time!