Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oh, the exhaustion. Why? Oh, why can't I get used to my schedule? And why can't I go to bed earlier?
Tonight I am watching Invictus. I wish I could understand the words spoken on the screen, but the tone of most of the actors is too low and I'm clueless as to what they have said. But, I get the gist of it from the actions on the screen. It brings me back to college though, when I was a tutor in the YMCA tutoring program. We were in a meeting one day, and we were visited by a gentleman from South Africa who was in Minneapolis on an exchange program. I had forgotten about that until a few hours ago.
I subbed again today and was faced with all new challenges.
1* The computers in the library weren't turning on and going to the home screen like they should. 3 of the 6 finally worked.
2* I had two Intensive Resource classes come in. I was unprepared for that. I chose a book that was far too difficult for the first class of younger students to follow. I learned by the second class though and I asked an aide what to choose. She immediately suggested a Curious George book about sledding and ya know what? I found one. It was great and right up the kid's alley.
3* The computer for checking out materials had several in not many windows opened up from the previous sub. Whomever it was, did not close any of their personal materials out. That was frustrating!
4*I didn't think that children could get more disrespectful, but each time I get a new class of 10-13 year olds, I am surprised by their belligerence and foul behavior. The 6th grade was completely uncontrollable. The graders were bribable, but needed continual reminders. It was mentally trying.
5*I was met at the end of the day with SNOW out doors. Ugh!

Yes, winter is coming and it is getting so chilly. The roads are icing up. My gloves are dirty, so remind me to wash those, O.K.?

Oh, and my kids were told that their gym shoes are no longer acceptable because they have a flat sole. What? Are you kidding me? What BS! The teacher does not think that their Converse are acceptable any longer and told them that their parents need to buy them new shoes. Are you kidding me? The original Chuck Taylor basketball shoe is not a gym shoe? What the hell is then?

I'm exhausted.

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