Monday, September 13, 2010

Greetings Autumn . . . so happy to see you. It's been too long.

Hooray for fall weather and beautiful trees, leaves and bright sun shining through the branches! I took the opportunity to bring the kids outside for some pictures. So, it was torture.
First, I suggested to a ten 1/2 yr old girl what to wear. Oh My Goodness! How do you spell the sound a girl makes when she bawls? I then suggested she just wear what ever she wanted *waaaaaa*. So I then told her to just go get herself cleaned up and comb her hair so we can take pictures - MELTDOWN!
Finally, it was all set and I started to take pictures. My camera didn't work. I went in search of another camera and Carly thought I quit because of her . . . breakdown!
Finally I found an old camera, put in a card, and we were on our way to dorky fall photos.
This was torturous as well. I tried hard to get all of my "Bart Simpsons" to settle down and get serious. It just wasn't happening. In every single picture someone was messing around.
The extra gentleman is an Ice Dog hockey player we are housing for the season. He was kind enough to hop into one of our memories - but was as much a pain in ass as the others to get him to stop laughing.

Just goofing around.
One of my favorites!
It was much easier to get pictures of Jason while he had his hockey stick . . . it gave him something to think about other than me snapping pictures. In most of the pictures, he was in a foul mood and grumpy. He didn't want to smile. Didn't want to be with his siblings. I finally got him to smile for a couple by saying some things I am definitely not repeating here on blogger. I think he looked better in the pictures with the maroon t-shirt on also, instead of the green polo - though I do love the polo.

LOVE the blue sky!

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