Friday, February 19, 2010

OK, I Wife Swapped Again . . .

That doesn't sound right does it?

I mean I've turned on Wife Swap. Looking forward to watching the construction working, burping wife swap with the control, neat freak from Texas. Oh my! The control mom makes her husband sit in the back seat so he isn't a distraction when she drives! hahahahahha

Oh, my my!! The construction worker wore pink flannel jammies to the grocery store! Bad Bad Bad

UGH the house is so nasty! For a construction worker/builder, the house is very unfinished. The toilet is dirtier than- oh - DIRT! There is a rat under the table . . . its DEAD! Blech. Now she just pretended to wipe her butt with the rules. Oh my.

Do people like this really exist? She almost makes me want to go clean the kids bathroom.
I think my kids may give her a run for her dirty toilet money. They all insist it isn't them. Most recently they blamed it on a three year old visitor we had. A visitor I DID NOT let use that nasty bathroom so I know it wasn't her. We've been in this house almost 4 years now. We told the kids they could have a large mirror in their bathroom once they kept the sinks clean for a week straight. Yeah, still no mirror. Jason is 13 now and would love to be able to stare at himself, but - he has to use the reflection in his TV.

Ha - the clean freak's son just called his real mom his "other mom".

I'm speechless . . . the construction mom just went to the grocery store and walked through the isles passing gas. It's MORTIFYING!

The construction Dad just pulled out the, "Talk to the hand cuz the ears ain't listening" phrase.

Now the clean freak's husband is going to call 911 on the construction mom. I may have to DVR this so I can go get something done. Its on Lifetime for those of you who would like to partake in this form of entertainment.

p.s. Skinny jeans only look good on young skinny people. Everyone else - you look like a pear! And skinny people - just because you can wear skinny jeans, it doesn't mean you should. Especially if your 30+! Parents, tell your kids to pull up their pants and don't dress your chunky daughters in things that will make them look chunkier. Didn't you learn anything in the 80's? And put your flannel away unless your debuting on Ax Men.


Kate said...

I love wife swap too :D

Patty said...

I hate skinny jeans!
Oh and if you want to watch a show on messy houses try Hoarders! omg, its crazy....apparently it is a 'sickness' but hey they show comes in and cleans their house, so I think it is just laziness! One lady had like 30 dead cats in her mess! I mean really, imagine the smell. ick!
PS Carly is welcome for the picture. It was great that she happened to be in the hall, so I could give her one!