Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Books and Books and Books . . . really Becky, get a life.

What I'm reading. My opinions . . . artful yet wordy and I am considering the wordiness is what is making it artful. I'm undecided. I think I haven't gotten to the meat of the story. I believe I will be surprised . . . but I don't know if I'll be surprised because I've got it figured out and I'm only 1/2 finished, or surprised because I'm SO wrong. I'm hoping I'm wrong and greater surprises are on the way.

What I'm picking up thanks to blogger's reviews.
I wish I didn't have this need to read and read and read. I watch the same need in my 7 yr old. Again, I checked on him last night to find a comic book in his hands and 3 more books strewn across his bed that he had read. Books are everywhere in his room. Stacks on the floor, the dresser, his shelves and bed. By stacks, I don't mean 1 or 2, his stacks are about a 1/2 foot tall and spilling over. And he's reading the ones that interest him and taking reading quizzes on them at school through the AR reading program. It is a reading program that lets children read at their own pace and test themselves on the books contents using a computer. This is working great for Caden who finished the 1st grade reading curriculum months ago. It is not working for Carly however who has only reached 20% of her reading goal for this quarter (it ends in 6 days). Independent readers soar this way, others do not. If I could revamp any program in the school my children attend, it would be the reading program. All the more reason to get my master's underway. I wish money wasn't an issue!

Something else I plan on picking up . . . thanks Kate for the lead to this link.

Oh, and Melissa Marr's highly anticipated Fragile Eternity . . . I never did comment on this one. I guess I didn't know what to say. A very essential book for her series. Seth had a life changing experience . . . but it would only take me a paragraph to sum up the entire book.
I do recognize the importance of it . . . it certainly opens up gateways upon gateways for more books, but I found I was not as interested in the faery realm as I'd thought. It was more of the mortal conflict within and intertwined that I liked and found this book was too faery and not enough human relationship for me. Am I glad I read it? Absolutely, Melissa Marr is an artist.

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