Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In My Life . . .

Okay, in my adult life I have . . .

*been awarded two renewable scholarships.
*been the college student living dorm life.
*touched the Lincoln Memorial.
*been inside the president's helicopter.
*been thrown down stairs onto the hood of a car.
*can use the word diapnosophist in a sentence.
*know the meaning of omphalaskepsis.
* lived in an apartment with 3 other girls in Minneapolis.
*been a YMCA volunteer tutor.
*tubed drunk down a river.
*tried to jump out of a moving car onto railroad tracks.
*altered ID's for money.
*took a college course titled "Introduction to Recreation and Leisure"
*have read the entire works of William Shakespeare (no I don't remember it all)
*survived 9 years of an eating disorder just to slip easily back into it 4 years later.
*admitted to an eating disorder.
*had driver's licences that said I was from Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa.
*dated an evil man and suffered great consequences for that, the nightmares ended in 2001, but I never fail to search a crowd for the face in my nightmares.
*been in love 2 times, engaged twice but only proposed to once and married once, however not by the same person and did not love the person who proposed.
*ice fished in Minnesota.
*have had a fish mounted.
*caught a lava rock in a lake in Minnesota.
*Have seen an NHL, NBA, NFL, and MBL game.
*moshed at Lallapalooza.
*woke up on the side of a hill with no recollection of how I got there.
*been thrown over a shoulder, thrown in a car, and driven two hours away.
***all three of those happened on the same night and days later . . .
*was diagnosed with a tumor that was actually 3 and had emergency abdominal surgery and told I'd never have children.
*had 2 biopsies.
*seen a castle.
*been a married college student.
*driven across at least 1/2 the country 5 times, including Canada - my favorite time was with my dad and my next favorite was with my husband.
*sold everything I couldn't fit into a Ford Escort, including my son's bed and . . .
*I've driven across the country and Canada on $700.00.
*a major thing for the Canadien accent.
*been a soldier's wife.
*been a pregnant college student.
*had to take my toddler to the hospital with me while in pre-term labor.
*been a breast feeding college student in a class with all men.
*been a working college student.
*been a full time working mom of one.
*been a stay-at-home mom of two and three.
*been a part-time working mom of two.
*seen someone die before my eyes.
*been a mother of 3 working two part-time jobs.
*eaten potatoes and wild game for dinner for an entire Alaskan winter and made my children do the same.
*had a child taken by a stranger.
*watched my infant be resuscitated.
*had a child struggle to breath and rushed to the ER.
*had a child restrained in a breathing bubble.
*rushed a child to the ER for a concussion.
***had three children and all of those things happened to the same child.
*been married to the same man for 14 years.
*sold jewelry to feed my children.
*read at least a book a week since the new year.
*didn't read anything for at least two years after I graduated with a literature degree.
*had to NOT fight back against things done to me or said about me my entire life because of an insane need to please people and keep peace.
*prayed every night.
*prayed seeking some sort of justice for those who hurt me, but then I change my mind because I just can't bring myself to think ill towards people.
*been told my education was useless.
*watched that person take college courses 3 years later.
*been told I needed to suffer a little in my life.
*been hurt far worse by unkind words than any beating or **** I've suffered . . . I have speant many years being trained NOT to forget phrases. I don't.
*been called selfish an unappreciative .
*think selfish and unappreciative are the meanest words in existence . . . I'd rather be a bitch.

This is far from finished - sometimes I get reminded of these things - some things I can't stop thinking about. Some things I've admitted for the first time here. Other things will probably never get written down except in the form of "fiction".

We all survive our injustices and we all have had moments of greatness. Maybe that will be the next thing I list . . .small moments of greatness.

Thanks to my sister Share for my book of lists. I don't know that this list has a particular place in the book, but I'm sure each of these things would fit in there somewhere.

You always know what a person needs . . . like big shiney pink rings. Your the greatest Share and I love you!


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an.Alaskan.mom said...

what? why?

Uncle Rob said...

What? Why? For most your life has been more interesting than they would like to risk.... for me your life has been more like the risk I've taken and would not like to admit to those whom I don't really want to inspire to my level of risk.
I admire the boldness, but realize the dangers.

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