Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hooray for paint and spongy brushes!

Kids Art

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Caden and Carly are little art bugs around here. Carly is forever creating something by baking or with paper crafts. She also likes to do pencil drawing . . . they all do.
For about a year now Caden has been asking to paint wood. Specifically, birdhouses. He had done one LONG ago with my mom and that memory has stuck with him. I was able to pick up 5 birdhouses and all the accessories needed to complete them for under $10.00 a piece. Caden began his while Carly was out with her cousin for a couple days. I had a lot of time to help him out and shoot pictures.

Carly finally got home and I set her up outside to paint hers while I was inside preparing dinner. Unfortunately - I didn't get any in-progress pictures but was able to sneak out and help her when she needed it. She surprised us with her beautiful bird house and the painting she did on the one the kids are creating for their Grandmom.

I am also including in the album pictures of art they have done in school and for Mother's Day this year.

I'm very proud of them and love their art.

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