Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Hoppy Day!

Here is one picture of Easter Day.
Jay and Caden putting together LEGO Racers. We were pretty busy and I didn't get the camera out. The boys were up until midnight and then Carly got up at 7 a.m. We got very little sleep but were able to hold the kids off until 9 a.m. Then I was busy making scones while kids egg and basket hunted. Caden swooped up all of the "easy" eggs leaving the other two to search for theirs. Carly figured out they would get to search for 15 a piece. Holy Cow that was a lot of eggs! We ate devilled eggs all day! Dad and Theresa came by with baskets so the kids got their quota of chocolate. Only Caden dived in and pigged out on chocolate bunnies.

To prepare for Easter we didn't decorate the house. There is just never enough time and money to do that the way I'd like. Jason had two ice times last week and a soccer practice that kept us out 3 evenings anyway. We did find a few moments to decorate the baskets. Thank You Michaels for the appropriately timed sale on all baskets!

We did find time to bake though. Carly donned her newest chef's hat and apron and we created egg shaped snickerdoodles and sugar cookies. Of course, at the same time we had to watch Twilight (for the 100th time) so baking went slow. But it got done and the cookies were great.

Here are just some of the eggs that got dyed for the egg hunt. Carly, cousin Madison, and Jason dyed eggs in the morning and Caden continued in the afternoon, by himself. It was easier that way. He mixed a lot of colors and made a bit of a mess.


Alyce said...

The baskets look really cute that you made!

Patty said...

I love her hat.......and she gets more and more pretty by the moment! said...

thank you