Friday, April 3, 2009


First, there aren't anymore pictures because Carly had me use her camera while she unwrapped her gifts and I didn't take any decent pictures!
She was very happy with all of her gifts. Thanks Aunt Alyce - she has been jump-roping each morning and it sounds like elephants running down the stairs! We don't mind though. She has these two red chairs she hooks them to and she is able to do it on her own and she doesn't have to wait until someone can play with her.

If you know Carly . . . you know her favorite person is Phil. He and Haanah took her out for her birthday (yes, she chose to spend the evening with him).
And just guess what her favorite person got her? Yes, a purple iPod.

Time to run off to work.

A Big Thanks the gifts for her. She will get out the thank you cards when she gets a chance. We've got a busy weekend.

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