Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Unintentional Birthday Party

Carly's Theme Gifts . . .

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Carly chose not to have a birthday party with friends over, but once you bring in family and friends so close they are family it turns into a party.

It started with a trip to the swimming Pool. J tackled this on his own. He managed 8 kids in the pool - 6 of them needed supervision. But by the end of the time, Caden and Carly were going down the water slide! Yeah!

Then it was back here for some of Carly's Fairy Berry Fruit Cake and ice cream. She makes her own birthday cake - its how she likes it!

My Dad, Theresa, Auntie Erin and Auntie Megan came by with many themed gifts. She got everything she would need to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yes, everything right down to the flour and sugar. It went perfectly with the Cook Book and Apron Set from Grandma Trish! The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been if the cookie bars they made were edible.

Oh well, next time.

The cake was FANTASTIC as usual.

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Uncle Rob said...

Happy Birthday Carly!

love, uncle Rob