Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have been listing . . . really.  Just not on here.

Today my list will be - 
"If I had $1,000.00 to spend by tomorrow, I would spend it on . . . "

1. Some Danskos for work!
             2. a sound system for the living room to enjoy Walking Dead
     3.  I would buy my youngest a new ceiling fan
                     4.  I would get some heating fuel and pellets for the stove 
5.  I would totally go onto ebay and get my family new jeans . . . that's right - I ebay their jeans.
            6.  I'd go Etsy crazy and get ceramic mugs for me and my favorite girls.
       7.  I'd buy the newest babies in our families some sweet goodies.
                 8. socks socks socks and maybe one more pair of socks
9. New Uggs for my daughter
         10.  I could easily spend $1,000.00 in one night by paying hockey bills.

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