Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I know I can . . .

First things first, some lovies for the eyes.  Well, my eyes anyway.  I adore turquoise and you should too.
It seriously does not feel like a week since I blogged.  I feel like it was, ya know, like just last week.

Turkey day almost went off w out a hitch.  Food was awesome - people incredible - baby to play with - loved ones to chat with -  any hitch really didn't involve me EXCEPT getting in the car.
No, Really.

My family cannot manage to get into a car.  No, we all want to get into several cars at our own pace and make anyone around us scream in furry.  It's kind of our thing.

The rules were simple.  Send family to relatives early so I could finish my portion of cooking and clean up after myself.
1) 16 yo doesn't get up until its time to get into the car.
2) daughter doesn't feel good
3) youngest doesn't want to go early
4) youngest wants to be with 16 yo
5) niece decides not to go to grandpas AND doesn't want to go early
6) husband is annoyed because he can't go early without looking like an ass and leaving me with 4 kids.
7) ham begins to dry out
8) food successfully made, packed and ready to load in car
9) husband convinces boys to go with him
10) husband is ready to go and oldest runs off to brush his teeth
11) I'm ready to go!
12) daughter decides to do her hair
13) daughter decides to get dressed
14) What?!


I ♥ life.

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