Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arctic Winter Games 2012 Pictures

Sea of young athletes during the opening ceremonies.   The darkness  by the stage is Team Alaska!
An incredible showing!  So many talented young athletes and our son got to be a part of it!

                                     Jason and Dalton, the two Captains, welcoming their team mates onto the ice!

During one game Team Alaska had to wear Team Yukon's jerseys because the team they were playing, Alberta, had the same color jersey.  The team with the best record got to wear their own jersey.

Jason shaking Team Yukon hands after the Bronze Medal Game.

Father and son in Whitehorse after the games ended.
Jason with his bronze ulu.  He says its still a loss . . .
I say, What a Great Experience!

On the road to Canada.  Through the window of course . . . I don't love the cold!

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