Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Million and One

I have a million and one things I want to blog about.
I probably have a thousand and one pictures I'd like to post.

I need to talk about:

Carly's science fair project - it is pretty and fiery and well done by my 11 year old!

Caden has figured out how to use the Wii to email and MANY other Internet based things.

Caden is researching Theodore Roosevelt for the Wax Museum.  Please, send me costume ideas!

Jason scored another hat trick in a state tournament!  Woo Hoo!  Yep, I'm bragging here because I can't do it on Face Book. . . it really pisses people off.

We are headed out to Canada in a few days to watch Jason and his hockey pals play for Team Alaska!  When the mention of not going came up - he teared up.  We will go farther in debt for his love of hockey and our love of him.  A far better investment than dinner out or a new TV.  We don't go to bars or have nights out- we don't travel alone or go to movies - we watch and pay for our kids' adventures.  Its just the way we do it . . .

I have been working a bunch while my friend Patty spends some time with her hockey player son out of town.  I get to be "Mrs. Linnell" and pop into a few other classes to do fill in work.  Its like slipping on an old shoe when I walk into a classroom.  Can't wait to be doing it full time someday . . .

Just turned in all(almost) of my required packet materials for the 2ndary ed licensure program at the U.  Wish me luck.

G'nite all!  Sweet Dreams!  A million more things to say - eventually.

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