Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ohhh could I sleep . . .

High School Hockey is officially over for my freshman player.  Let's talk about our little misfits from North Pole.

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Here is his season at a glance.  He played 19 game.  He was out for a few because of 1) a concussion 2) a broken foot.

Jason actually played two games on a broken foot.  It was stable in his skate and chose to finish out a weekend of games. He went for x-rays right after the last game.

He had 5 goals and 5 assists for a total of 10 points.  One was a short handed goal and one was a power play goal.  The fantastic thing about this is, even though we lost every league game, is that of all of the 1997 birth years playing high school hockey in the interior, of all of the kids he plays comp hockey with, NO ONE comes close to his points or playing time!  The closest was a defenseman friend who has 5 regular season points.  There are some freshman, who by birth year have one more year of hockey than Jase, that have more points, but only 2.

I am incredibly proud of my son.  INCREDIBLY!

Now, what is that 58 mean?  HaHaHaHa!
Those are his penalty minutes!  He has all of them beat on those too.  He is such a goon . . . NO not really.  He plays hard and fast and plays each game to make a statement.  Sometimes that is the statement that needs to be made.  When you play for a team that is continuously on the defense, its tough not to scramble around a bit and play physical.

Like I said before though, his season is over while his friends on opposing teams continue.  North Pole did not win any league games and does not get to play in the regional tournament.  As a parent though, hockey is not over until regionals are. We will be driving into Fairbanks in frigid temperatures and hosting the regional tournament.  We will run the door, penalty boxes, clock, etc.  It makes me cranky, but I'm a Patriot mom!  Its what we do.

Next Jason has state comp tournament which we could get second, maybe first if we hustle the puck to the net.  After that, its off to The Arctic Winter Games in Canada!  He and about 6 of his friends are off to represent Alaska in Whitehorse, Canada.

I'm not sure what we are doing.  Of course we don't want to miss these great events in his life, but we do have 2 other kids that need our love and support.  We will see.

For now, it is farewell to North Pole hockey until October 2012 and Hello Patriot Baseball!  Woo Hoo!


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Nice stats! said...

Not really, Patty, but thanks. Its all so new to me that I can't help but be excited for the little accomplishments. Yesterday the Skorulskis made it a point of letting Jay know stoshie would NOT be playing for north pole. BOO. I'm so happy and Arpino asked if we were sending Jason to West Now. They're all so frustrating. Obviously not in tune with what high school is really about. So grateful the boys will have each other for years to come!