Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome Turkeys!

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving again?  It has jumped out at me this year.  It isn't that I'm not in the holiday spirit - and it certainly isn't that I'm not Thankful.  I just haven't gotten a big plan together for a meal or have the money to go all out.  Money is such an issue this year.  Hockey is taking its toll as has not being able to search for sponsors.  The out-of-pocket expenses are really adding up this year.

I worry that it is partly because we have taken in these two growing boys that plug in their cars, eat the snacks, and empty the fridge's left overs.  I certainly wouldn't want to wish they find their own place soon, but sometimes I wonder if we would be hanging on better financially if they did.  I know Jay would be less stressed.  He works 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and lately, all in 40+ below weather.  Its so hard on him.  He wants the best for everyone, but he is definitely overworked.

For Thanksgiving this year I will do a turkey of course, but how big?  I will have veggie trays and potatoes with gravy.  I want to do a cranberry treat and some pumpkin pies. As I type, I stress and worry that what I want is not what we will be able to afford.  I would love for it to all go smoothly and for my family to have a calm, WARM, worry free day.

My brother and his family are staying on their side of town this year.  I totally understand.  It is tough to haul your family out every holiday.  My dad has decided to go out to dinner so his wife doesn't have to cook and clean.  I did invite them over, but he said that there were a lot of people going out to dinner.  We were invited, but I can't afford it and I DO NOT want him paying, even though I'm sure all of those grown people he will be meeting out will MAKE SURE he foots the bill.  I'm just not willing to be a part of that.  They could all just come over for a free meal.  What ever.

So, what am I thankful for?  Everything.  I am grateful everyday for the gifts in my life.  I don't list them on face book, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. I also look at Thanksgiving to thank Mother Earth.  If it weren't for her, there would be no turkey or veggies to fill our bellies.  I used to be very vocal about my beliefs on this, but the world tends to disagree with me.  I know God is good, but Mother Earth has provided me with the wonderful food to feed my family.  Mother Earth is incredible and I must give credit where credit is due.  Our Earth provides if we treat her well.  I will remind my children of this, like I do all summer long and every time we recycle or pick up our trash.  To me, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate her and thank her.

So, Thank you Mother Earth and to all those who tend to her needs.  Thanks to the farmers and those who fix the combines.  Thanks to the sanitation workers and recycling plants.  Thanks to the parents who teach their kids to be kind to our Mother, for she will pay us back ten-fold.

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Share said...

Yes! Thank you Mother Earth! Wish we could be there with you as we planned for the holiday. This moeny stuff sucks!
Love & Miss you all!