Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our "Monday"

Husband at work (ready to start a new, longer mail route)
Kids off to school (bus drove right by the older kids so they got a free ride from Mom)
Dishwasher loaded (ha, but I forgot to turn it on - oops)
Laundry in (loving my laundry soap from Sam's Club)
Big boys getting ready to begin the newest chapter in their lives
      Life in Alaska - so - "hello" auto insurance, DMV, job hunt, etc.

Me?   Will be off shortly to buy food and wax.  

Today is the day to make fire starters.  Four months of saving lint and egg cartons and today they will become much needed, handy, homemade fire starters.  It will be such a relief to be able to start a fire with ease!

I've also got a plan to make Carly a new bag for school using the now WAY too big jeans in my closet and a belt I no longer use.  I'm pretty excited for that actually.  

Let's see exactly what I accomplish - I'm thinking I will get the food and may get the wax.  Probably won't get any further than that if I don't get off my patootie if I don't go to Fairbanks.

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