Saturday, September 10, 2011

HaPpY SePtEmBeR 10th

Yes, it was a fantastic birthday!  I know much of the country is in mourning on this 9-11 weekend.  And Yes, I too remember that tragic day.  I also tried very hard to remember today is my birthday, a day to celebrate all my parents gave to me, including life.  I don't believe that I am disrespectful for celebrating on this day, with my family.  I certainly haven't forgotten that day 10 years ago that changed our country forever.  Today, though, I woke with a drowsy smile and celebrated 38 years of life.

Up at 6am for some coffee and some beautiful Sapphire/diamond earrings from J.  They were sitting on the bathroom counter when I went to brush my teeth.  I certainly didn't deserve them, nor could we afford them probably, but he is amazing in all he does for us.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee while I looked through the computer and got to talk to my sister (Where the Ocean Meets the Sand). Then it was off and running to get Jase up on time and off to the rink.  I enjoyed a couple hours of hockey practice then off to drop him off at "work".

I came home to a lovely surprise party planned by Carly.  Caden had stacked wood in the garage for me and Carly had called my brother and his family and I was greeted by everyone with a grand, "SURPRISE"!  There was pizza so I didn't have to cook, the smell of bleach hanging in the air, clean floors and kitchen and a new propane porch heater similar to this one!

Later, Theresa stopped by with gifts from my her and my dad. He isn't allowed to come over during his recovery process because I have many children and dogs (currently 5 kids ages 9-21 - okay, I didn't give birth to the 19 & 21 yr old, but family just the same - I mean, I cook for them, do laundry, provide a car, buy gas, do their dishes . . .) I totally understand that he couldn't come and I don't want him to compromise his immune system (I took him cake later).  She brought in a vase of flowers and a couple things picked out by my dad while he was in Seattle.

Adorably, he picked out a hat that was black and sparkly that says, "Keep it Gypsy".  I have to admit that I don't know what that implies.  I don't wear hats, but my sis has always worn hats and has a great head for them.  The other gift he picked out was a wind chime.  Wind chimes were my mom's thing.  My dad must have been feeling very nostalgic when he was shopping and the women of his life must have been on his mind. I am honored that the gifts he got me were so, completely and utterly, representative of my mom and sister.
I accept them on their behalf, with my mom on her journey in heaven and my sister on her journey in Idaho.

It's not a crazy face!  Its a wink . . . really!

My B cake!

Yep, looks like a rainbow threw up on the plate.  A delicious vanilla rainbow!
I also baked up a birthday cake for friends and family to enjoy.  I don't eat cake on my diet, but enjoyed licking my fingers a time or two (shhhhhhhhh).

So, yeah, a great birthday.  I got to top it all off with one of my favorite movies.  Ahhhhh, Harry (*sigh*).


Amanda said...

Glad you had a great day!!

Share said...

Glad you had a great day! I love the hat, and I would have totally picked it out for you! Glad Dad got it!
Happy Birthday!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!