Thursday, September 1, 2011

A degree in English with a minor in Ed. What does that get you? Children that don't use slang.

Yep, I'm feeling down and out.
For crying out loud, you know how many times this summer I applied for a desired position, got down to the final 3-5 applicants, interviewed, and DID NOT get the job?

Okay, so "I was meant to be a teacher".  Well, whatever.  I really, at this point in my life, don't think I had any other calling except being a mom of 3, a cruddy housekeeper, an average (yet boring) cook, a poor gardener, avid reader, a fair tutor, and craft lover.  Hmmmm, maybe next time around I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Maybe my problem is that I don't feel grown up.  I spend a lot of time making stupid 12 year old jokes with my 14 year old son (yep, he got my personality with his Dad's temper).
**I still laugh when the kids say "duty" (what a stupid name for playground aides - stupid, yet fitting according to my 9 yr old).
**My oldest son and I push each other into things at the grocery store.
**My youngest son and I play hide-n-seek at the grocery store.
**I play with nail polish and make-up with my daughter and craft pin-wheels out of paper and straws.
**My socks are always patterned.
**I wear jeans and t-shirts every chance I get.
**I think "sofa king" shirts are funny (but hate that stupid cartoon with Stewie and the dog).
**I like pink picture frames and mismatched plates.
**To help my youngest sleep I tell him knock-knock jokes.
**My favorite channel on cable is ABCFamily and my favorite shows (and books) do NOT involve anyone over 18 most of the time.

I am such a child . . .so I guess that is why I don't have a big girl job.  I'm a substitute teacher.
RIGHT!  Who says that?

So, time to put on my big girl panties and get back into school so I can get a "real" job and make some folks proud of me.  Maybe even build a little confidence in myself (my husband thinks that is why I can't land a job).  I'm headed into town to do my weigh-in (whole other post I'll get to) and then up to the university to meet with, yet, another Ed Advisor.  This time for secondary ed.  At this point, I guess I'm not looking for the fastest route - but for the most effective.

Yep, eventually I'll have yet another student loan and maybe pay it off in less time than the last 5 year stint in college (which by the way DID earn me a degree in English with a minor in Ed - ya know what that qualifies you to do?  Raise children).

So, here's to all of us educated moms whose children don't use tacky slang!

p.s.  I totally spell checked this and didn't spell ANYTHING wrong!  Yep, that's what else my $40,000.00 got me, a blog without spelling errors!  Can I get a "Woot, woot!"


Share said...

awww, hell, ya mean ths whole time I've been an unqualified 12 year old mom? no wonder my kids make up their own words and have to repeat classes 2 (or 3) times! LMBO! So when we go back to school can I cheat off you? said...

Chu- yeaaaahhhh-

Amanda said...

ROFL- this made my day! Paul is all the time saying "why do you have a degree ?". I keep telling him I needed four years of college with a Psychology/Early Childhood degree to raise these four boys he blessed us with! Haha- being a mom takes A LOT of work! Good luck deciding what you want to be- maybe fill us all in later . It might be something we can do relatively good too!