Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today is the day I take my second adventure with my oldest son.
When he was just 2, we packed up what we could fit into our Ford Escort and sold everything else out of our 1 room cabin. We said our good-byes and headed across the country & Canada to Hatboro, Pennsylvania to meet up with my husband and see our new apartment on the East Coast. I had $700.00 to make the trip and that was it. My brother, Kevin, drove with us to help with the driving. I waited to take away Jason's binky until after our trip just to guarantee a few moments of peace. To my surprise, he was a joy to travel with then and I'm sure he will be this time too.
I will only have 3 or 4 days with him during our 18 day trip, but I'm sure he'll be as much fun as he is a pain in the a@@.

I've rented a car- Thanks Haanah for showing me Hotwire and the best rates, $25.00 a day. I tried to use our union benefits to find a good price, but was having NO luck locating the right website to do so. That was frustrating!

I still haven't booked my flight to head over and see my Dad in Seattle. I definately need to, but am in no hurry. I may just end up staying there on my way back to AK and sending Jason on. I plan on visiting some amazing places when I'm in MN.

I will, of course, check out the UofM in Minneapolis. Walk around if I can find parking. haha
I would like to go hiking at the St. Croix. I will take a picture with Paul Bunyan - who wouldn't? I will go up in the bluffs in Winona, check out the farms around there, see my Dad's childhood home and the Mill in Pickwick. I will take a zillion pictures of the place and surrounding area where my Grandparents raised 13 children. I will be lonely . . . but not. I will definitely watch out for snakes. I will try to find time to head into St. Mary's where I went to college. If I miss some things, I will NOT miss Red Wing. I hope to travel through there during the day so we can see the sailboats. Oh, and the Mississippi. Can't wait to drive side by side with the river and see if it impacts Jason like it has always impacted me. I'm thinking Caden would like it more . . . He'll have his chance someday too.

I'm taking my Computer so get ready for tales of my lonesome Minnesota adventure. The kind that I hope fills my heart.

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Amanda said...

Have an amazing & safe trip! Let me know when your in Seattle, would be so nice to catch up!