Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy? Or just Lazy? The Jason update - more to come on Carly and Caden.

Oh, I'd like to say that I have just been way to busy to regularly update, but that wouldn't be exactly true. Then again, I'm not sure if I've been lazy either.

Hockey was a very time consuming sport this winter. There is a good chance that I won't be the manager next year; I think I'm okay with that. Let someone else deal with the hours and hours of emails. That is the worst part of it all. The constant flow of incoming and outgoing emails. There are updates for everything and the association is always sending out a forward. Some of our poor families get the same forward several different times from several different managers from several different teams, past and present.

Having two kids play this year doubled my incoming email. So many were the same. Funny though, the emails ALWAYS got to me sooner through my son's association. Sometimes I knew things days before my daughter's team announced it. For that, I am grateful to Arctic Lions.

Jason had a good season and a fun school year. He didn't have a lot of points during regular season play, but he was one of the top scorers in each tournament. That boy just turns it up when a trophy is involved.

He's grown quite a bit this year too. He is officially taller than me. Not that that is hard as short as I am, but for him it was a good day. School went well socially. Grades? Uh yeah, he is failing two classes as he winds up his 8th grade year. He is simply super lazy. He is unorganized and doesn't see fit to turn in the work he completes because he "can't find it," or "my binder broke," or "I left in in the wrong class and the teacher didn't tell me."
Seriously guy, you should know not to turn your science homework into the English teacher. Think I believed that excuse?
I'm not going to bail him out of this one. He's on lock down starting about 4 o'clock this afternoon. I insisted he do extra credit to bring his grades up or he can't hang out with friends. Doubt it will happen. There will be some excuse like, "I couldn't find a newspaper." Or, "she was out of forms."

We'll see. He has been going to hockey several nights a week and when he isn't there he is playing baseball at the high school with them. He's not old enough to be on the team, but the practice is good. Maybe we put too much emphasis on sports, but if he's going to be blowing off the academics, I'd rather it be for physical activity than gaming.

I am subbing right now in a school with no cell service. He's been trying to get permission to go to a friends after school. I said if he did extra credit today he could for a little while. We'll see where he is after school and how much trouble he's going to be in. I'm sure he'll have some excuse he knows isn't good enough but will be to lazy to come up with something good and too worried to just tell the truth.


Amanda said...

I am glad to know I don't have the only eighth grader who just doesn't feel like turning in homework he spent time doing?? I just really don't get it? Hope he get's his extra credit done- what happened to our cute little boys who loved their green striped shirts?

becky said...

No kidding. It is so hard for me to discipline him because he is such a great kid. Tonight I actually made him come home after a friends house instead of spend the night. He was cool with it. He thanked me for allowing him to do as much as I did. I reminded him that we almost never say "no" to things, but the bad grades due to laziness is not tolerable. His English teacher actually asked me if he was done with hockey because it seems as though he doesn't have a way to release his energy and I should get him into something. Luckily, he's got two weeks of hockey and he's practicing with the high school baseball team ever chance he gets. Really - I'm pretty lucky - as you are too I'm sure. But it does get tough and irritating. I want to give up and give in - but I know that doesn't help anyone.

Patty said...

I totally remember the (multiple) emails from hockey. Gosh I don't miss that. But guess what? I rarely get any email now. haha