Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovin' the Nook!

I got a Nook for Christmas . . . I made some resolutions . . .
I'm doing great. I shop and shop and shop for books to put on my nook. I don't want just anything on there, right? I don't want to spend too much money, otherwise, what is the point of the Nook?
I bought my first ebook.

The Kitchen Witch. It wasn't all that bad. It was very inexpensive and I thought it sounded interesting enough, but, uh, I would say PASS.

Then I downloaded Intertwined. I really enjoyed that one. It was worth it, whatever I paid. I thought it was very strange at the beginning. I wasn't sure I wanted to read a book about a schizophrenic zombie slayer. I gave it a chance and loved it. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Now, is he really a schizo-zombie slayer? Read it and find out!

I also have two of the Gone Series on my Nook. It is another one of those "What if . . . " series. This one asks the questions, "What if everyone over the age of 15 disappeared?" And, "What if super powers existed?" Its been fun so far. I like the adventure and I KNOW Jason and Caden will like them some day.

I LOVED Wondrous Strange too! Right up my ally with the whole faery and battles and unsuspecting mortals who thought they were mortal but then learned they aren't and then they learn they aren't from this world or that, and then there's Puck. Ah Puck. If I ever own a restaurant or book store, I'm naming it Puck.

My Nook also has a Sara Dessen book I haven't started and Sarah Addison Allen's newest. I am so excited to be reading it. She turned me back onto reading after college with her "Garden Spells." I read so much for my literature degree that I just didn't want to when I finally didn't have to. Now, I am enjoying reading all of the time and can't wait to read every single word of Allen's new book.
I've also got a book for my daughter on my Nook. It is a must to share your Nook if you have one!!! It should get a ton of use all of the time. So, get your kiddies something fun to read too!

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