Monday, October 19, 2009

I don't care -

I don't care: if the boy in the balloon was a hoax.
if John and Kate are off or on the air - it doesn't change my life.
if Anna Nicole drank from a baby bottle.
if Brad and Angelina love each other or not.
if Jennifer Aniston ever has a child - how does this concern me?
if your kid ran/skated faster than mine.
about the next thing you're bragging about.

I do think: that the balloon boy's family is humiliated enough, drop the stupid charges and get them off of TV.
that John and Kate had a unique situation that suddenly became just like the rest of us and it probably sucks for most of them, just like it would for any of us, but it doesn't affect my life one way or another.
that the more the media discusses Anna Nicole, the more notorious she will be. RIP
that Brad and Angelina have a right to a family without judgement from those who do not know them personally.
that my child's accomplishments are his/her own and you should stop riding the coat-tails of your kid and accomplish something on your own.
that there is a fine line between tell people about another great thing you just bought or did and bragging about it and people should recognize that.

That said: Way to go balloon hoax! The entire country seriously though your kid crawled into a balloon and sailed away and not one side of the balloon sailed lower than the other. Too funny.
Uh, yeah he slept with the Nanny. Who's idea was it to hire hot nannies? Probably the media. "Hey Kate, this young pretty nanny will be great for ratings and ultimately get you more money!" Yeah, when you take John to the cleaners during the divorce.
The media has always displayed Anna Nicole as a totally nut job, but I really don't care about all of her weird antics - it got her what seems to be her goal - famous. Whatever, just stop wasting the air time on it!
Still not caring if Brad loves Angie or visa verse. I actually like to see what adventure they're on now - but don't bother with the talk about their relationship. And I don't care if they go on a peace mission and then hold an army birthday party. At least they recognize the passions of their child. Will I buy the tabloid with the party pictures? Probably not, but I'll look at them in line at the store.
My kid is super fast . . . and hormonally unpredictably 12. Talk to me about how great your kid is when the mood swings start. P.S. fast, slow, smart, not so - whatever - this is his/her time and all I can do is support him/her. I will not spend my time stretching the truth about his/her abilities to make my self feel good or to make me look good to others. As I said, his/her accomplishments are not mine.
boy the economy woes sure don't affect everyone do they? But don't expect other's to be happy about constantly realizing how much less they have than you. Even if they truly are happy for you - its tough not to make the realization and get into the dumps about it when you feel someone is ALWAYS telling you about some new great thing. This goes for just about everyone I think. We are all guilty of insensitivity towards other's situations. I think that will be my new years resolution. To realize there is always someone I have it better than, and worse than - My excitement can be my own - I don't/ won't need confirmation or recognition from others about my accomplishments, but will continue to provide it for my children and husband.

BUT we do finally get to take a family vacation this coming May and I'm totally going to blog about it and put pictures on! It will be our first family vacation EVER and we are all so excited. We've been out of town to visit relatives 2 times in the 7 years we've been here, but never taken a vacation. The kids keep saying that it won't happen, it never does. The poor kids know that every time we plan something money suddenly disappears due to bills or something they don't get to partake in. So, we're taking them on a cruise to Mexico and letting Caden swim with Dolphins and Carly & Jase are totally psyched about the zip-line. And, yes . . . I too think that there is a 95% chance we won't go because of unforeseen circumstances, but if we do - you will all have to suffer through the blogging and photos - or just don't check my blog in May!
Hopefully Jay and I will get to squeeze in at least one weekend away together too. That has only happened twice in our marriage once we started having children in 1997. So imagine how annoyed I get reading or hearing about other's who get to drop their kids off and take a day or weekend away. And boy do I get sick of hearing about other's "mommy" time. What the hell is that? And how do you get it so often? And the grandma's who babysit for you, where can I get one? Really . . . do they rent them out somewhere? My friend Amanda's mom even flies 1/2 way across the country to watch the boys for a weekend. Priscilla, can I borrow you?

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