Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Adventure . . . The Great Laundry Search

So, this morning began yet another Great Laundry Search. I never know where I will find dirty laundry around here. It all started with a sofa full of clean laundry to fold, which led to an empty washer and dryer, which led to filling it, which led to gathering it. Backwards?
Don't judge me . . . I was far more on top of this before life smacked me in the face this summer. When all I had to do was water some flowers, clean the house and hang out with the kids and make sure I had my nails done and a tan . . . I was clean and organized too. Sometimes this is just the way it goes.
No one was innocent in today's venture. (But, I left my own disastrous bathroom floor out of it.)
hmmm, J's pants on the garage floor?!

Ah-ha, Caden's clothes behind the sofa. Is that two pair of underwear?

She's not so perfect . . . Carly's socks on the living room floor.
Carly's practically empty basket! Yay!
Caden's socks in the entryway.

Caden's closet floor.
Caden's floor - next to the dresser. . . right next to a - uh- sling shot? gun made out of duct tape? a cardboard house? and the Wii bat?
Oh yes, the children's bathroom. Notice the laundry on the floor NEXT TO the almost empty basket!
The "play room" / "guest room". This would be Jason's doing. He comes home from soccer or swimming and curls up with anything he can find and gets on his dorky XBox headphones. SO FRUSTRATING!
The washer is already full.
So is the dryer.
And the laundry room . . . even a lunch box waiting to be laundered.
Oh No! This is NOT the finished product. This is in addition to the laundry I found. This is what I started with at 6:30 a.m.
2 piles for the linen closet, 1 small pile for Carly, 3 tall piles for Jason, 1 pile for J, 1 small pile for the kitchen, 1 mound of socks, 1 small pile for me, 3 tall piles for Caden.
(p.s. Love my dryer ball! See it on the right?!)
Oh, no pictures of Jason's laundry and room. Well, that's because he ran out of shorts and underwear yesterday and I had to start his then.


Patty said...

I think Im looking at my house...

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Your pictures made me smile. Since I don't have a dryer you can add to your imaginative pictures a clothes drying rack or two in the middle of the rooms as well.